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005-10-12 - Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer

Board elects Melanie Keller as Chief Financial Officer.

Administration and Budget
Meeting Date: 
Wed, 12 Oct 2005
Resolution Number: 
05.84, 05.85, 05.86
Implementation Actions: 
  • None
    • Responsible entity: Not applicable
    • Due date: None specified
    • Completion date: Not applicable
Resolution Text: 

Paul Twomey introduced a motion to appoint Melanie Keller as ICANN's Chief Financial Officer. Veni Markovski offered the following resolution for consideration and Thomas Niles seconded:

Whereas, Article XIII of the ICANN Bylaws provides that the Chief Financial Officer and other officers of ICANN will be elected annually by the Board.

Whereas, Diane Schroeder has provided exceptional service as ICANN's Chief Financial Officer since 2001.

Whereas, in that role Diane has also doubled as professional HR support for the business and also as the ICANN administrative and conference manager.

Whereas, the role of the finance function at ICANN has continued to evolve and grow in direct proportion to the growth and increased complexity in the business.

Whereas, to accommodate ICANN's growth it is necessary not only to add additional staff resources, but also to ensure that a fully qualified finance professional is at the helm of the ICANN finance function.

Whereas, a competitive candidate screening process has been completed by the ICANN CEO, VP Operations and Head of HR to source an individual qualified to take up the ICANN CFO role, which has resulted in a recommendation to appoint Melanie Keller to the role.

Resolved (05.84), Melanie Keller is elected Chief Financial Officer, to serve at the pleasure of the Board and in accordance with the Bylaws, and shall hold her office until her resignation, removal, or other disqualification from service, or until her successor shall be elected and qualified.

Resolved, (05.86) that the Board hereby authorizes Melanie Keller, in her role as ICANN's Chief Financial Officer, may authorize general disbursements of the ICANN's funds, and sign checks on behalf of ICANN, in amounts of US$10,000 or less.

Resolved (05.87) ICANN formally acknowledges the exceptional service provided by Diane Schroeder in the role of CFO. Her unceasing efforts to build a professional finance function have been acknowledged by the ICANN Board on past occasions. The ICANN Board offers their thanks to Diane for her many achievements and wish her well in her future endeavors as ICANN's Administration and Conference Manager.

The board approved the resolution by a unanimous vote of the Board Members present, 14-0. Hagen Hultzsch was not present for the vote.

Additional Information: 
  • The resolution does not address funding for the items identified therein.